St. George's Parish Church,
Littleport, Cambridgeshire

All rights reserved St. George's Church, Littleport
Introducing our Ministry Team and Officers.......
Reverend Howard Robson
Licensed Lay Ministers:
PCC Secretary:
Deanery Synod Representatives:
Authorised Lay Ministers:
Parochial Church Council 2016 to 2017
Chairman: Revd Howard Robson        Lay Chair: Richard Creak
          Sue Dulgarn      Penny Goodearl

Giuseppe Risino
Paul Butcher
     Sheila Secker
Carol Swain
Grenville Goodson
Ann Lightowlers
Tony Bridgstock, Shelagh Connor,  Richard Creak,
Monica Dennis, Sue Dulgarn, Don Gee, Jo Kerridge,
Elizabeth Miller, Roy Mould, Sheila Secker.

Elected Members:
Ex-Officio Members:
Electoral Roll Officer (non PCC member):
Paul Cooper, Keith Cox, Barney Leeke, Carol Swain
Bruce Frost
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Elizabeth Miller
Paul Cooper
Awaiting picture
Keith Cox
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