St. George's Parish Church,
Littleport, Cambridgeshire

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Introducing our Ministry Team and Officers.......
Interim Priest in Charge:
Revd. Madeleine Albert
Licensed Lay Ministers:
PCC Secretary:
Authorised Lay Ministers:
Parochial Church Council 2020 to 2021
Chair: Revd. Madeleine Albert        Lay Chair: Paul Cooper
                         Sue Dulgarn      Sharon Byrne
Paul Cooper
Carol Swain
Tony Bridgstock, Richard Creak, Don Gee,
Susan Green, Teresa Jordan, Jo Kerridge,
Elaine Lee,Tracey Liveley, Elizabeth Miller.

Elected Members:
Ex-Officio Members:
Electoral Roll Officer (non PCC member):
Sharon Byrne, Keith Cox, Carol Swain
Michael Liveley
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Elizabeth Miller
Paul Cooper
Awaiting picture
Keith Cox
awaiting photo
Teresa Jordan
Sue Dulgarn
Deanery Synod Representatives:
Sue Dulgarn
Sharon Byrne
Safeguarding Officer:
Gillian Sargent

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